15 Creative Gift Ideas for the Avid Traveller

  • Chantal McCulligh

If you ever find yourself scrounging around for a gift idea for that upcoming birthday, anniversary or ‘just-because’ celebration, something travel-related is almost always a great idea. While international travel has been quiet over the last year and a half, it’s been picking up significantly, making this the perfect time to find that gift for the avid traveller. From unique experiences and travel wallets, to the most popular luggage accessories, we’ve got more options than you’ll know what to do with, so let’s dive in:

Gift Ideas for Him

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AirBnB Experience

You’ve likely booked yourself accommodation with Airbnb over the past few years, but have you ever booked an Airbnb experience for yourself or someone else? If you have a traveller in your circle who likes to experience things outside of the box, Airbnb Experiences offers an extensive catalogue of incredible cultural experiences, unique tours, masterclasses and just about any other type of experience you can think of.

All-Access Masterpass Class

Masterclass is an online platform that offers classes taught by celebrities, prize winning authors, thought leaders, academics, business and entertainment gurus and myriad other influential people. For one small fee, users can gain access to hundreds of online classes in various topics of interest.

Travel Wallet and Travel Inspired Gear

travel wallet, passport wallet, passport holder, passport case,

Travel gear is always a perfect gift idea. From passport wallets, travel wallets and cashmere travel blankets, to wireless ear-buds and new luggage, for the constant jet-setter, they’re always in need of the latest and greatest.

Portable Espresso Maker

Unless you’re staying in a 5-star hotel, hotel coffee is nothing to write home about. So for the coffee enthusiast, or avid business traveller, a portable espresso maker means they can have delicious coffee wherever they are in the world, as well as bring a little cup of home with them.

Private Museum Tour

If you have a museum, or culture buff in your midst, there has never been a better time to book a private museum tour. With crowds being limited and museums looking to recuperate lost funds from the pandemic, there are plenty of museums around the world, staffed with some of the most impressive historians, waiting to show VIP guests museum collections (some never seen by the regular public).

A Luxurious Hotel Overnight

Not every traveller is ready to take off on some epic trip, and keeping close to home is more their pace. If that’s the case, consider looking at some of the luxury hotels within driving distance to them and booking them in for one night. If you want to enhance the experience, book them into an upgraded room and throw in some room service. It may not be as exciting as heading to the airport for a long haul trip, but sometimes an avid traveller just needs a little break from the ordinary.

A Beer Brewing or Wine Making Class

If your traveller can’t go wandering the epic vineyards of Napa Valley in California, or Brewery hop around Portland, Oregon, the next best thing is to gift a class in beer brewing or wine making. If you want to upgrade the gift, throw in an at-home wine or cocktail kit to build up anticipation for their class.

Packing Cube Set

The hottest packing accessory right now is the travel cube, a system of spring-loaded, lightweight mesh cubes that make packing simple and organized. No more messy hotel rooms or cruise cabins. And if TSA decides they need to rifle through their stuff, packing cubes keep everything in sight, and easy to remove without all of the usual disheveled chaos.

Language Course

This is one of the absolute best gifts you can give a world traveller. Next to food, language is the gateway to culture. And while most travellers have a smartphone in hand to help them with in-destination translations, gifting someone a language course like Rosetta Stone allows them to do a deep-dive and hopefully learn more than the simple basics.

A Day in a Vintage Car

 If you have any antique car enthusiasts in your midst, there are a number of companies that allow you to specifically rent a vintage car anywhere from a few hours to several days. This is a great gift for anyone celebrating a birthday, anniversary , retirement or just because.

Annual National Park Pass

For the avid roadtrippers, an annual national park pass or historical site pass is a solid gift idea. This is the gift that keeps on giving, allowing them the freedom and flexibility to choose where they want to go and when.

Travel Inspired Subscription Box

The next best thing to enjoying a fresh croissant in the heart of Champ de Mars or a fresh plate of paella in San Sebastian is to explore the world through food at home. Subscription boxes like ‘Try The World’ meticulously curate foods, snacks and ethnic drinks from around the world and delivers it right to their door. 

Smartphone Lens Kit

Everyone is a photographer when they’re on holiday, whether they’re walking around with top of the line camera gear, or just a simple iPhone. A smartphone lens kit is the perfect gift idea for those travellers that want to get as much out of their smartphone camera, and be able to post professional looking photos to social media.

DNA/Ancestry Kit

For anyone looking to find out more about their ethnic roots and where they come from, an ancestry kit is a brilliant idea. Thousands of trips around the world have been inspired by the results of these kits once travellers discover who they are. Giving the gift of identity is probably one of the most profound and intangible gifts you can give an avid traveller.

Digital Luggage Scale

If you thought baggage rules were strict before, in the post-pandemic era, every single piece of luggage is accounted for and weighed accordingly. Don’t let your traveller suffer an embarrassing moment by over-packing and paying extra at the check-in gate.

Travel is making a fast comeback, and the traveller in your life is getting ready to spread their wings and take flight. Help them feel excited about the prospect of travel again by gifting them something that inspires them to take off to far off places. 


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